I’m still drunk but I still love AA

Once upon a time, even though I’d not been outside (beyond the nearest off licence) for months, I thought AA was just for “proper” alcoholics. You know the kind. Brown raincoats, bottles hidden in paper bags…probably smelled a bit of wee.

Luckily I  wasn’t one of those kind of drunks. I was the kind who only left the house in darkness, who passed out rather than slept and who would only sometimes smell like a toilet…it depended on how successful my last bathroom  visit had been. You know I could count on the fingers of just 2 hands the number of times I have woken up soaked in my own shit!

So…as you can see, I was a much classier kind of drunk than the kind that goes to AA meetings.

Eventually though, even I had to concede I just might have a bit of a problem.

I was driven to my first meeting and realised instantly, once the meeting had started, that they had all been waiting to hear from me about how I was sick in some new special way that needed extra concern from everyone else. They were all lovely but for some odd reason I wasn’t the centre of attention!

I lasted until the half time coffee break and snook away, not to be seen again for about  5 years.

It would be great if there was a formula you could follow to get people well.




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